Useful Product Information

Oceans Floral’s product codes consist of two parts, a six digit product code followed by a four digit colour code (and in a few instances a letter added to the product code or colour code to signify that the product is new, on special or that the colour has a particular finish). When searching for a product on our website, use the six digit product code and once you find it, if there are multiple colours you can click on the colour swatches to select the colours you require. In our catalogue we list the product code first and then the colour code. If the are multiple colours available for the product then the colours will be listed below under “Colours Available” with the colour description. When placing your order by phone or email we require the six digit product code followed by the four digit colour code.

Abbreviation Meaning
L Length
T Top
TD Top Diameter
TW Top Width
Dia Diameter
Sq Square
W Width
B Bottom
BD Bottom Diameter
BW Bottom Width
H Height
G Gusset
mm Millimetres
cm Centimetres
m Metres
in or  ” Inches
ft Feet
yd Yards
gm Grams
kg Kilograms
ml Millilitre
ltr Litre
gal Gallon
oz Ounce
(mu) Microns
(gsm) Grams per square metre
Pk/ Pack
Ctn/ Carton
Pcs Pieces
Approx Approximately
w/ With


Measurement Rules

Bag Rules W x H cm
W x H x G cm
Pick Rules W x H x L cm
Dia x L cm
(L = length of the stick)