Air Earth Ocean® Accreditation

Oceans Floral Eco Product Range - Moving Towards Sustainability.



About Air Earth Ocean ‘Registered Trade Mark’ Accreditation

We aim to provide customers with a new range of products that are more environmentally friendly. So that our customers can recognise products in this range, we have developed our own Air Earth Ocean® trademark and accreditation system. You can find out more about products branded with the Air Earth Ocean – “Moving towards sustainability”® logo on our website, where relevant attributes will be listed.

Our intention is to provide customers with products that are more environmentally friendly by

  • Researching and sourcing better alternatives to some existing products
  • Finding new “green” products
  • Finding new suppliers that offer sustainable products
  • Encouraging suppliers to provide more sustainable products
  • Encouraging suppliers to provide relevant information about their products
  • Discontinuing selected products

Our aim is to enable customers to identify products with environmentally friendly attributes by

  • Providing our Air Earth Ocean® accreditation on selected products
  • Listing sustainable attributes on our website
  • Listing product certifications on our website

To support better environmental outcomes within Oceans Floral we wish to

  • Recycle
  • Re-use
  • Reduce
  • Repair
  • Donate time to environment

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